Not every homeowner has the ability, equipment, or the available time to take on home repair and maintenance responsibilities. However, the work still needs to get done! This is where hiring a Select Home Handyman Services to take care of the tasks that you are struggling to do yourself will be the best decision you can make. With over 20 years of experience, Select Home Repair , led by our Project Managers, will complete your home repair or improvement project efficiently, correctly, and always keep your area clean… “It’s your home not a job site”  We consider ourselves guests in your house and sincerely appreciate you choosing us.

The Select Home Repair Handyman Services team is capable of handling a wide variety of home repairs and projects that are small-to-medium-sized jobs. Our services may include:

  • Assisting with jobs that may be unsafe, such as cleaning leaves from a gutter or changing a light fixture.

  • Completing tasks that require a specific skill, such as repairing small plumbing problems.

  • Helping with routine tasks and maintenance, such as painting the trim on your house, shoveling snow or mowing the lawn.

  • Changing a door knob or replacing an old door with a new door.

For a full list of services see our services page: Services

Canty Brothers Construction

Canty Brothers Construction started the Select Home Repair division to provide handyman home repair and maintenance services to our customers with the same quality of service they have become accustomed to when working with us on larger renovation projects. This division can quickly tackle your smaller jobs, ensuring you get your projects done correctly and as soon as possible. Call Select Home Repair “Handyman Services” to receive the full backing and benefits of a top rated full service construction company for your smaller project needs!

Contact us to get more information or to discuss a project. We will get back to you promptly and look forward to speaking with you!